Plant Based
and Delicious

A Fresh Take On
Plant Based Cheese

Bring joy to your establishment and flavor to your meals. Nurishh is a plant-based cheese with no added flavors or colors from synthetic sources. Dairy free, lactose free, soy free, gluten free and palm oil free, Nurishh vegan cheese is free of everything vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian eaters are looking for. Plus, it’s a good source of calcium and B12. With Cheddar Style, Provolone Style and Mozzarella Style Slices, you can offer your diners’ quality vegan foodservice options while exceeding their taste buds’ expectations.

Capitalize on Three of Today’s Trends

Tap into what’s current in the kitchen and popular on the menu:

An Impactful Ingredient

Nurishh pairs well with developed flavors offering smart menu solutions.

  • Top off meat and meat-less burgers, mushroom burgers and veggie patties

  • Add to sandwiches, artisan toast and flatbreads

  • Layer on casseroles and pasta dishes

  • Serve with crackers and veggie platters

Nurishh Plant-Based Mozzarella Slices

Foodservice Ideas

Add a new plant-based item to your appetizer menu by topping off
bruschetta with a slice of tasty Nurishh Mozzarella Style Slices.

Satisfy vegetarians and vegans by offering Nurishh plant-based
cheeses atop your most popular veggie burgers and sandwiches.

With a rolling pin, flatten bread squares. Add a slice of Nurishh Cheddar Style to
each piece of bread and roll them up. Melt vegan butter spread in skillet and cook
roll ups in skillet until golden brown. Serve grilled cheese roll ups immediately.

Make it Tastier
with Nurishh!

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals deserve a delicious plant-based cheese.