Croque De Escarole Salad

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Add a little crunch to your menu with a vegan inspired croque that’s full of fresh flavors and gooey Nurishh Mozzarella Style Cheese. This tasty sandwich bookended on ciabatta rolls covered in fig jam is sure to quickly become a favorite amongst patrons.


Portions: 2
Serving Size: 1 Sandwich
Day Part: Lunch, Dinner
For Dressing:
1 Tablespoon Whole-Grain Mustard
1/2 Tablespoon Honey
1 Lemon, Juiced
1/4 Cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt, To Taste
Ground Pepper, To Taste
For Sandwich:
1 Large Head Escarole, Hand Torn
2 Fresh Ciabatta Rolls
4 Slices Nurishh Mozzarella Style Plant-Based Cheese Slices
4 Tbsp Fig Jam


Equipment: Grill, Oven
For Dressing:
  1. In a small bowl, whisk together mustard, honey and lemon juice.
  2. Stream in oil while whisking.
  3. Season with salt and pepper. the oil while whisking to create a nice dressing. Season with salt and pepper.
For Sandwich:
  1. Toss the torn escarole with the dressing.
  2. Spread the inside of each ciabatta half with 1 tablespoon of fig jam.
  3. Layer 2 Nurishh Mozzarella Slices on the bottom of each bun.
  4. Layer sandwiches with some of the escarole salad and put on the top of buns.
  5. Grill or toast the sandwiches to make croques de escarole.
  6. Slice in half and serve.


If you’re having trouble locating escarole look for broad-leaved endives, Bavarian endives or Batavian endives.

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