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At Bel Foodservice, we recognize the demands you face every day to keep your professional kitchen running smoothly – from labor and supply challenges to continuously evolving to connect with the latest trends and ever-changing customer demands. It’s not easy work, but it can be very rewarding with partners who understand. Our mission is to provide business solutions and delicious, versatile ingredients that bring efficiencies in your operation and joy to your guests.

Smiling server bringing two plates of food to a table in a restaurant

Consistency in your kitchen

Your busy back-of-house needs ingredients that are versatile, easy-to-use, and always perform the way you expect. Your team doesn’t have time for anything less. Our premium-quality, recipe-ready selections provide flexibility across your menu and consistency for culinary creations no matter the experience level of your brigade system. Feel confident in the brands and product solutions Bel Foodservice brings back of house, to your tables, and to-go.

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Lauging teenagers grabbing food in a cafeteria line
College & University

Connecting Students With Good Food

With the varying dining concepts available on campus and the fluctuating demands of serving thousands of students per day, food and beverage directors have a ton on their plates to manage. Gen Zers appreciate the social aspect of sharing food and tend to gravitate toward healthier options including better-for-you snacks. Offering wholesome foods with real ingredients that you can implement across multiple dining locations will satisfy students’ expectations and help streamline your foodservice program. We’re a member of the Value Plus Program loyalty program so make sure to earn rewards on every purchase of our participating products.

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Travel & Leisure

Bringing Adventure Away From Home

Travelers often endure stressful security lines, delays, and long layovers. And once they get to their destination, they seek an escape from any chaos they’ve experienced along the way. Staff servicing these harried customers need efficient, quality products that are simple to prepare and serve – from smaller independent hotels to larger customers that service millions every week. From convenient grab-and-go snacking options for self-serve kiosks to premade ingredients that ease menu prep, Bel Foodservice delivers solutions that increase speed and service and elevate guest experiences.

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Business & Industry

Diversify Menus To Satisfy The Masses

Serving many people at one time and providing enough options to satisfy diverging tastes can be challenging. You need versatile products and easy prep items that offer efficiencies during high volume periods and dining throughout the day. From accommodating office delivery to serving employees in your on-site cafeteria, Bel Foodservice provides quality brands and products that meet every need. Our spreadable cheese varieties are convenient bases for crafting soups and sauces and are perfect for large volume recipes. We also offer wholesome snacks ideal for grab and go kiosks.

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Healthcare worker laughing with an elderly man and woman who are enjoying breakfast

Nourishing Foods That Create Comfort

Healthcare workers have proved to be resilient and resourceful during stressful, uncertain times, successfully balancing the health and wellness of themselves and others. If you run a senior living or nursing home facility handling the varying degrees of resident care or oversee a hospital that supports multiple dining venues, you have a lot to consider when managing your foodservice programs. At Bel, we believe that quality and food integrity come first. We offer a full line of nutritious options and innovative menu solutions to nourish staff, patients, and every guest.

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