Segments We Serve

From fine dining establishments to the grab-and-go cooler, our cheeses support an unlimited amount of dining segments. Find out how Bel Foodservice can help grow your business with delicious and versatile cheese.

  1. Restaurants: A Cheese Filled Solution For Every Type Of Restaurant.

    Award-winning eateries, national chains, indie restaurants, and mom and pop places all rely on Bel Foodservice spreadable cheeses to spice up their menus while maximizing their profits and improving customer retention.

  2. College & University: There Are A Lot Of Places To Eat On Campus—Fill Them With Cheesy Goodness.

    Whether it’s a quick snack, an on-the-go meal or a full-on grub feast, college students have diverse palates and a love for our cheeses. Our assorted portfolio can easily be incorporated into any campus dining option or daypart.

  3. Travel & Leisure: When People Are On The Go, They Want A Snack That Will Go With Them.

    With more and more people reaching for good-for-you snacking options, airports, hotels, and other travel venues are stocking their grab-and-go displays with Bel Foodservice’s cheese. Perfectly proportioned, yet fulfilling—travelers crave convenience and our cheese.

  4. Cafeterias & Canteens: Cheese That Withstands The Test Of Time And A Long Cafeteria Line.

    Sauces, soups, and everything in between can be made with our versatile spreadable cheese. Ideal for cafeterias in schools, businesses, and institutions or any place that serves a lot of people at any given time. Our cheeses our high on impact and competitive on cost.

  5. Healthcare: Make Snacking Healthier And Tastier.

    Hospitals, health institutions, and senior living facilities require flexibility, convenience and healthier options when it comes to dining. All of our spreadable cheeses can be easily integrated into the often strict dietary restrictions surrounding healthcare.