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A Wisconsin tradition since 1918, Kaukauna® Spreadable Cheese has brought enjoyable eating experiences beyond the dairy state’s borders. With its rich history and signature cold pack process, it has become one of today’s most popular spreadable cheese brands. Only the highest quality aged cheddar makes it into every batch of our award-winning Kaukauna Spreadable Cheeses. Our bulk pails and tubs are perfect for high-volume recipe preparation in foodservice operations. And chefs will love the made-from-scratch appeal of our Kaukauna Deli Cheese Balls – balancing crunchy and velvety textures that blend well in recipes or can be enjoyed with a side of crusty bread and crackers.

MenuReady Ideas
Meatball sliders with Kaukauna cheese

Bring out the bold in meatball sliders by mixing in Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Cheese and finishing off by topping with white barbecue sauce for a signature twist on a popular appetizer.

Southwest breakfast wrap with Kaukauna cheese

Craft a Southwest breakfast wrap by spreading a hearty layer of Kaukauna Cheddar Cheese to the tortilla before adding scrambled eggs, diced peppers and onions, and chorizo.

Kaukauna Deli Cheese Balls

Kaukauna Deli Cheese Balls bring craveable flavor and ease to shareable cheese platters. Add an assortment of crusty breads, crunchy crackers and dippable veggies for a hearty menu item sure to please the masses.


Product Lineup
Item # Product Description Guaranteed Shelf Life
Bulk Packs
2/5 LBS Sharp Cheddar Pail
461714 2/5 LBS Sharp Cheddar Pail 75 days View More
2/10 LBS Sharp Cheddar Pail
461716 2/10 LBS Sharp Cheddar Pail 75 days View More
1/30 LBS Sharp Cheddar Box
461713 1/30 LBS Sharp Cheddar Box 75 days View More
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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Kaukauna inspired recipes.