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From on-site restaurants and event spaces to room service and snack bars, you’re faced with managing multiple dining locations, menu variations, and food costs – along with varying guest preferences. Happy guests share their happy experiences with others and customer satisfaction is your #1 priority. You need partners you can trust to provide flexible dining options and culinary solutions that exceed both your expectations and the guests you serve – from smaller independent hotels to larger customers that service millions every week.

As your dedicated partner, Bel Foodservice is here to help grow your business with high-quality, versatile products and culinary support. We understand your needs and believe that we don’t succeed unless you do too.

Offer the most smile-generating snacks to satisfy your guests of all ages. Babybel® and The Laughing Cow® single-serve options bring fun and functionality to travelers needing a quick pick-me-up. We have a large section of grab ‘n go favorites, packed with protein and calcium for adventurous guests seeking wholesome snacks.

Operational Solutions

Offer guests adventurous flavors and premium-quality food and beverages that provide an escape from everyday stresses and create memorable experiences.

Revitalize Menus to Keep Guests Coming Back

Boursin Cremini Mushroom and Chicken Bake

Boursin® Garlic and Fine Herbs Gourmet Cheese provides a creative canvas for chef inspiration.

Delicate garlic, fragrant parsley and mild chives artfully combine to transform basic menu items into sophisticated appetizers, gourmet burgers, mouthwatering pastas, blistered veggies, and elevated brunch entrées. The taste and performance is unmatched whether guests dine tableside or order room service. Look to Bel Foodservice for culinary solutions to satisfy every stay.

Fried chicken sandwich with Merkts Cheese Spread and waffle fries

Poolside snack bars and late-night menus were made for Merkts®.

This creamy cold-packed cheese elevates everything it touches from adding bold flavors to dips and sliders to topping shareable veggies and gracefully mixing in soups and sauces. Our foodservice-sized pails are perfect for using across multiple dining venues throughout your property.

Travel-friendly Snacks for Guests On-the-go

Babybel snack pack with fruit and crackers

As your guests venture offsite for sightseeing, they need hearty snacks to keep up their energy and spirits.

Fill your lobby snack case or any grab and go location with wholesome snacks to satisfy hungry guests throughout the day. Babybel® single-serve snacks coming in three delicious flavors, are made with 100% cheese and provide a good source of calcium and protein. They’re perfect for adding into snack packs that include a hard-boiled egg, dried fruits and nuts and raw veggies.

The Laughing Cow snack pack with grapes and crackers

The Laughing Cow® individually wrapped single-serve options bring fun and functionality to travelers needing a quick pick-me-up.

These creamy cheese wedges are dippable and spreadable making them perfect additions to premade snack packs. Offer with apple slices, veggies, and crackers. Easily add to prepared boxed lunches or grab ‘n go snacks for a convenient, flavorful kick.

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