• Creamy, Crunchy, Tart and Munchy

    Up your cheese and crackers game. Increase the crunch with some almonds, then add a clementine for a little bit of tang and a whole lotta yum.

  • Go Greek On The Go

    When life gives you olives, grab some Mini Babybel® cheese and make a delicious Mediterranean snack.

  • Boursin Dairy-Free Mediterranean Dip

    Go ahead and dip into Mediterranean cuisine with this flavorful dip. Full of fresh herbs, chickpeas and Boursin, this appetizer is perfect for sharing—but don’t be surprised if your guests

  • Drunken Beer Potatoes

    This tasty appetizer is what dreams are made of Merkts Beer Spread Cheese and perfectly seasoned potatoes. Drunken Beer Potatoes isn’t just tasty to eat, but your guests will love