Creamy, Crunchy, Tart and Munchy

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Up your cheese and crackers game. Increase the crunch with some almonds, then add a clementine for a little bit of tang and a whole lotta yum.


Portions: 2
Serving Size: 1 Snack
Day Part: Lunch
Cheese Snack:
2 Servings of Mini Babybel® Original Semisoft Cheese, Unwrapped
1 Clementine
10 Whole Wheat Crackers
Handful of Almonds


Equipment: None
For 1 Snack:
  1. Slice the clementine into wedges and place them on a plate next to the two Mini Babybel Original cheeses.
  2. Add crackers and a serving of almonds to bring it all together.
  3. Use caution when slicing. This recipe contains almonds.


Enjoy at lunchtime or as an easy afternoon snack.

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