Beer Cheese Bagel Crisp

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Looking for another menu idea for bagels? Look no further than this crowd-pleasing, pub-style crisp. The black forest ham brings out the bold, rich flavors of creamy Merkts Beer Cheese.


Portions: 48
Serving Size: 1 Sandwich
Day Part: Lunch, Dinner
Bagel Crisps:
6 Cups of Merkts Beer Cheese, Room Temperature
48 Onion Bagels
12 Pounds Black Forest Ham, Deli Sliced Thin
1 Cup Honey Mustard


Equipment: Panini Grill Press
For Bagels:
  1. Split the onion bagels in half.
  2. Place a split onion bagel on a Panini grill and press for approximately 1 minute, to create two toasted crispy thin rounds.
To Make A Beer Cheese Bagel Crisp:
  1. Evenly spread the inside of each round with 1 tablespoon Merkts Beer Cheese.
  2. Place 4 ounces of ham on the bottom round then squirt 1 teaspoon of honey mustard over the ham.
  3. Finish with the spread top round.


Turn this crisp into a panini. Simply take two slices of focaccia or ciabatta and construct sandwich as instructed. Once completed, finish it off with a couple minutes in the panini press.

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