Tavern Burger

Two things that always go together are beer and 100% real Wisconsin cheese—especially when you add the combo to a juicy sirloin burger. Bold and hearty, Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese will take this tavern burger, and your sales, to the next level.




For Worcestershire Onions:
  1. Heat oil on a hot griddle, then add onions.

  2. Cook for approximately 5 minutes or until evenly caramelized.

  3. Add Worcestershire sauce just prior to removing the onions from the griddle, stirring to ensure Worcestershire is completely absorbed.

  4. Reserve warm.

  5. You can also refrigerate and reserve cold until service.

For Burgers:
  1. Griddle burgers to order, as needed for service, until fully cooked.

To Make A Tavern Burger:
  1. Slather a griddled burger with 1 tablespoon of Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

  2. Top with 1 heaping tablespoon of the warm Worcestershire onions and serve on a toasted pretzel bun.


  • portions


  • serving size

    1 Burger

  • day part

    Lunch, Dinner

Worcestershire Onions:
  • 1/4

    cup vegetable oil

  • 12

    cups yellow onions, yellow, julienne (1 batch = 10 orders)

  • 2/3

    cup worcestershire sauce