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No matter your culinary style, our portfolio of spreadable cheeses will seamlessly integrate into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The distinct flavors and versatility pairs perfectly with an array of dishes allowing you flexibility and creativity in the kitchen.

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Bel Foodservice offers a portfolio of versatile brands that make consumers come back for more. Each of our brands brings with it a commitment to quality ingredients, unsurpassed flavor and an undeniable recognition among cheese lovers.

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Wow your customers with Boursin Culinary Garlic & Herb spreadable cheese. This one-of-a-kind product is elegant, approachable, and versatile enough to showcase your culinary chops.

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Bel makes menus memorable – and customers recognize us by name. From flavorful dishes to spice up any menu to convenient snacking on-the-go, we’ve got the cheese for it. With Bel Foodservice, there’s a world of flavor at your fingertips.

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Let Bel Foodservice cheese inspire you and your menu. Our recipes blend creativity with current culinary trends to create memorable dishes full of flavor and versatility for all day dining.