• Vegan Boursin® and Eggplant Lasagna

    Recipe courtesy of Chef Molly McGrath Head of Culinary, All Day Kitchens It’s an Italian favorite with a vegan twist and Boursin® Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Garlic & Fine Herbs—and it’s

  • Summer Grain Bowl

    A hearty and healthy bowl doesn’t have to be heavy—but it does have to be delicious. And this one with quinoa, tuna, veggies and Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs is

  • Boursin® Summer Flatbread

    Boursin® Shallot & Chive, tomatoes, onions, thyme and basil, yum! Put it on some flatbread and it doesn’t get any better or easier. Simply delicious.

  • Grilled Chicken with Boursin® Cream Sauce & Roasted Leeks

    Created by Saffron & Sage, Holistic Health Club, San Diego. A creamy, herby and delicious campfire-inspired meal complete with Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs, chicken and roasted leeks. Nope, you’re

  • Boursin® Summer Burger

    Change up your summer BBQ plans with this dressed-up bite. A perfectly grilled patty with pickled radish and onions and a crumbled Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs.

  • Boursin® Shakshuka Breakfast Skillet

    Created by Saffron & Sage, Holistic Health Club, San Diego Spice up your breakfast with this savory Israeli dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes and Middle Eastern

  • Boursin® e Pepe

    Boursin’s twist on the beloved Italian dish, Cacio e Pepe! Spaghetti with freshly ground black pepper and peas, coated in a deliciously creamy sauce made with Boursin® Garlic & Fine

  • Vegan Pull-Apart Pizza with Nurishh® Mozzarella

    Who knew pizza could get any better? Our Vegan Pull-Apart Pizza with Nurishh Mozzarella has a tasty twist and golden brown crust. Plus, it’s sharable making it an instant favorite

  • Fall Salad in Nurishh® Mozzarella Tuile

    Whether you offer this delicious salad seasonally or give it a permanent place on the menu, your guests won’t be able to get enough of this fall-inspired salad. Complete with

  • Watermelon with Fried Boursin Cube Salad

    Give your guests a sophisticated yet sweet and cheesy salad option with this tasty checkerboard salad. Breaded and fried Boursin Gournay Cheese Cubes alongside ripe watermelon and paired with a savory