Pimento Cheese Burger

Pimento cheese isn’t just a Southern thing anymore! Creamy Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese blended with pimento, mayo, hot sauce, and a touch of sea salt creates a universally popular spread that elevates any burger—and menu.




For Pimento Cheese Spread:
  1. Combine and stir Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese, pimento, mayonnaise, hot sauce, and salt in a mixing bowl.

  2. Reserve chilled and let rest 1 hour to fully develop flavors. This is a loose spread. For a thicker spread, use cayenne (to taste) in place of the hot sauce.

  3. Chopped cheddar cheese could also be folded into the spread.

For Burgers:
  1. Griddle burgers to order, as needed for service, until fully cooked.

  2. Slather each cooked burger with 1 tablespoon of the reserved pimento cheese spread.

To Make A Pimento Cheese Burger:
  1. Top a toasted heel with ¼ cup lettuce, 1 slice of tomato, 2 red onion rings, 1 pimento cheese slathered burger, and the top crown.


  • portions


  • serving size

    1 Burger

  • day part

    Dinner, Lunch

Pimento Cheese Spread:
  • 48

    Angus beef burgers, 1/4 lb each

  • 48

    Sesame seed buns, toasted

  • 12

    cups iceberg lettuce, shredded

  • 48

    Sliced tomato rounds

  • 96

    Red onion, thin-sliced rings