• Drunken Monkey Bread

    Warm, gooey and full of flavor, Drunken Monkey Bread is so good that not having it on your menu should be considered a crime. Complete with Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  • Eggs Benedict

    This boozy take on Eggs Benedict will have the brunch crowd requesting seconds. Top off a toasted English muffin with a little crispy chicken, sauteed spinach and a freshly poached

  • Drunken Beer Potatoes

    This tasty appetizer is what dreams are made of Merkts Beer Spread Cheese and perfectly seasoned potatoes. Drunken Beer Potatoes isn’t just tasty to eat, but your guests will love

  • Merkts Cheese Bagel Crisp

    Looking for another menu idea for bagels? Look no further than this crowd-pleasing, pub-style crisp. The black forest ham brings out the bold, rich flavors of creamy Merkts Sharp Cheddar

  • Tavern Burger

    Two things that always go together are beer and 100% real Wisconsin cheese—especially when you add the combo to a juicy sirloin burger. Bold and hearty, Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  • Beer Cheese Dip

    Fire up your appetizer menu and your sales with this irresistible warm and cheesy dip. Paired with a warm, salted soft pretzel, this cheesy delight featuring Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  • Crispy Bourbon Chicken Sandwich

    Indulgent Merkts Port Wine Cheese perfectly pairs with the sweet, yet spicy bourbon sauce that completes this truly southern crispy chicken sandwich. Smooth and delicious—and we’re not just talking about

  • Holiday Fries

    It doesn’t have to be a holiday to put these tasty fries on your menu. Crispy sweet potato fries—dusted with a salty and sweet spice—and topped with a drizzle of honey,

  • Cheese “HOT” Dawg

    Bring a little heat to your menu—then top it off with a generous smear of Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Your patrons will love the sinfully-dunked griddled hotdog almost as much

  • Chili Cheesy Dog

    No menu is complete without a delicious footlong all-beef hotdog topped with 100% real Wisconsin cheddar. Smooth and creamy, Merkts Sharp Cheddar Cheese perfectly complements this chili cheesy dog.